Panasonic SC-UA7GS-K Mini Component


• 1700W RMS
• Single box unit
• 10 speaker system
• DJ Jukebox
• NFC, Bluetooth
• USB (No CD)


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Product Description

Feature 2-1-1

With a stylist twist and mind-blowing sound, URBAN AUDIO is fully redesigned with stunning features, all with the goal to achieve perfection in sophistication. It’s time to feel each wave of emotion from every musical note. And to take the music in your life to a whole new level, for you and for loved ones. One and only elegant music experience – let URBAN AUDIO bring a rich new resonance to your life.

Feature 2-1-2
Dynamic sound from all-in-one speaker

Room-filling Expansive Sound
So as to attain sufficient sound pressure, the UA7 features a total of 10 speakers -four 6cm tweeters, four 8cm midrange woofers, and two 16cm super woofers. The 16cm woofers are positioned back-to-back to eliminate vibration and produce distortion-free sound. By positioning the midrange woofers and tweeters on three sides, 180-degree room-filling expansive sound is achieved wherever you are.

Feature 2-1-3
Overwhelming bass and resonance

The robust bass and resonance needed to power a great party have been strengthened still further by the unique Bass Reflex System. Unique port technology pushes sound forward without losing the audio resonance generated from behind the woofer unit. This further amplifies the bass to produce a powerful air quake experience.

Feature 2-1-4
Combination of function with design

Stylish Hexagon Design
The hexagonal box design requires only a discrete amount of installation space while delivering dynamic sound with wide directivity. As well as pure sonic power, it features a touch sensor button with glowing white circles on a mirror finished top panel along with stylish blue center illumination, all finely orchestrated to enhance usability and to create a premium sense of presence.

Feature 2-1-5
Share songs among friends

Panasonic MAX Juke App
The Panasonic MAX Juke App brings the party one step further. Use this app to transfer multiple sound sources from your smartphone to its 4GBinternal memory – enough to store approx. 1,000songs. Furthermore, the UA7 provides two USB terminals so that, as well as playing music directly, you can also share it. And mixed play function enables you to play titles upon request to keep your party moving.

Feature 2-1-6
Make your party that much more fun

Smart Features
With the wide versatility of the Local Preset Equalizer, you can maximize your enjoyment of audio, from rock or salsa to football commentary. Optical input lets you connect your TV, and with the newly added Voice Expansive Mode, your TV sound spreads as if it is coming from the screen. Furthermore, by plugging in a microphone, you can also enjoy home Karaoke with 6 functions like Echo or Key Control.


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