AEG 10369GN-MN 900mm Stainless Steel 5 Burner Gas Freestanding Oven


• Rear Right Zone: Semirapid Burner
• Gas Hob With Cast Iron Support
• Autostop Antitip Chrome Shelves
• Heat Activated Catalytic Cleaning
• Gas Safety Thermocouples
• Cooling Fan
• Multifunction Gas Oven with 5 burner gas hob
• Double Layered Glass Oven Door
• Fan Cooking
• Unique Angled Turnspit Design
• Catalytic Cleaning


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Product Description

Versatile Cooking Options

A freestanding cooker offering multiple cooking functions, including gas grill, electric turnspit, bottom heat and fan assisted cooking.

Catalytic Cleaning System

The Catalytic cleaning system, enables you to clean your oven perfectly. The heat-activated coating on the walls thins grease, before the oven burns it off.

Multifunction Oven

The fan and different heat sources of this oven can be used in multiple combinations, providing optimum cooking versatility.

Unique Angled Turnspit Design

With the unique angled turnspit design you get a larger capacity turnspit, which means you can cook larger meals to perfection.


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